Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New quilting machine!

I have a new quilting machine!

There it is! Love, love, love the machine! Not thrilled with the frame. The best thing about the frame is that it would go down to the basement. Other than that, it has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Some practicing with the new machine. It's nice!!

This is one of our recent estate sale finds. Husband has been wanting a butter dish with a handle. Normally I just keep butter on a small plate. Butter dishes just get all messy. Well, we found this at an estate sale and couldn't resist! It has a handle like he likes and green pigs. Yes, green pigs. Why? I don't know. What do pigs have to do with butter? Who ever heard of a green pig? Too funny!

And here's our big snow. Haven't seen this much snow ever, and this was a pic before it was said and done. It's been a big snow year for us!

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Quiltsmiles said...

Congratulatiosn on your new machine, lucky You! Have fun playing and getting acquainted.