Saturday, December 12, 2009

A finish!

This is a BIG quilt! I think it turned out nice. Here it is on my bed. Can you tell underneath it is all the stuff that lives on my bed?

When there isn't a ton of stuff underneath it, that inner border lays along the edge of the mattress and the applique falls over the edge.

A close up of the applique and quilting.

The 'label', which is actually on the front in the corner.

The artist's signature :)!!!

And now for my mistakes.

In order to quilt the applique the way I wanted to I had to turn the quilt on the frame. My machine only has 10 " of throat space. Apparently, I need more practice turning quilts. I ended up with some puckers on the back. Here's one that I stitched down. Can you find it? It runs horizontal in the middle of this pic.

Here's a small one I left alone.

Here's another large one. This one runs up and down and I stitched it down also.

Another small one that I left alone.

Other than these puckers, I think this quilt turned out really nice. I have decided I need a new quilting machine. 10" of quilting space is just not enough. Also, I need a better track, a lighter machine and maybe a stitch regulator. I think if I had a more cooperative machine I could have done a much better job with this quilt.

And here is my lovely assistant entertaining the parakeet. Notice the backwards clothes. It's a fashion statement.

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Greenmare said...

that quilt it beautiful! AND -slaps hands away-
QUIT QUIT QUIT pointing out mistakes!!!!! silly!