Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quilt progress and some pics.

Here's what I've got so far:

All the blocks, all the applique pieces, large border pieces, bias for vine and fabric for small borders and binding. Since I took this picture I actually have all the blocks put together into rows and about half the rows stitched together, just haven't taken a pic of that yet. When I get the rows all done I'll take a pic.

Someone asked if I made my own pattern - nope! This is from my favorite book Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts - I think. I've actually lost my copy and had to borrow one from my friend to do this! I still can't find my copy. Can't imagine where it is! Anyway, the pattern in the book was for a wall hanging size quilt. I'm making this quilt for someone else and they wanted a king size quilt. The pattern called for 3 inch 9 patch blocks. A king size quilt of 3 inch 9 patch blocks seemed like a mountain of work, so I re-drafted them into 6 inch blocks - a much more doable size and more like what I prefer to work with. I realized I probably needed to redraft the border as well because I was afraid the bigger blocks would overwhelm the border design if I didn't, so I made it twice as big as well. I think it will work out nicely. My plan is for the blocks lay on top of the bed and the border to fall down the sides. We'll see how well I planned when I get the blocks all pieced! When I laid it out on the bed it was looking pretty good....

Here are some pics of the people at my house.

My daughter. Just decided to take a picture of herself with my camera. Just because.

My lovely assistant helping daddy take a nap.

Lovely assistant entertaining the parakeet.

Happy Halloween, all!

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